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ATLAS.ti 8.4.4

ATLAS.ti mac cracked apps – is a powerful qualitative data Analysis software is a powerful workbench for qualitative analysis of large-capacity text, image, audio and video data. Sophisticated and complete tools help you organize, integrate, and manage your information in a creative and systematic way. ATLAS.ti allows you to focus on the data itself. Whether your field of expertise is anthropology, economics, criminal science or medicine: will meet your needs for qualitative data analysis. keeps all your documents and information, including notes, audio files, pictures, videos, etc.

ATLAS.ti introduction:

1. Various media types

ATLAS.ti provides you with an unparalleled range of media: whether it is encoding hundreds of documents, audio clips or photos, ATLAS.ti will never let you down!

Use text documents in all major formats-including txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, and of course .pdf. Perform fully automated searches across one or more documents, automatic coding and other powerful semantic operations to extract meaning.

Enjoy the freedom to use dozens of graphics and audio formats (.wav, mp3, .wma, etc.) and the most common video types (.avi, .mp4, .wmv, etc.).

You can import data from Evernote, Twitter and your favorite reference manager for literature review. Or import the entire survey to analyze the answers to open-ended questions.

2. Powerful tool set

ATLAS.ti provides a set of powerful and flexible tools and functions for in-depth understanding of the most complex data.

The central workspace in ATLAS.ti serves as a container for project data. Access all basic project components, such as documents, highlight/code data segments, codes, memos, hyperlinks, groups or networks, is fast and comfortable.

Just drag the code onto the selected data to complete the coding. Through the Object Manager, Project Browser and Symbiosis Explorer, you can browse and browse project data.

Link your findings in a semantically meaningful way.

Display your findings and explanations anytime, anywhere in the digital mind map.

3. Unique features

The interactive edge area is a unique workspace in ATLAS.ti that is not surpassed by any other programs on the market. It allows to interact with your data in a unique and intuitive way, digitally transmitting the traditional paper-pen analogy in the digital world.

The quotation level is also fundamentally unique to ATLAS.ti. If it provides a level of analysis lower than coding and better supports inductive theoretical research methods, such as grounded theory, hermeneutics, discourse analysis, sociology of knowledge or phenomenology, rather than any other software.

The same can be said about the ATLAS.ti network/visualization function. It provides the most integrated data processing method. It is a tool for visualization and analysis, data organization, and conceptual level analysis and data presentation.

Because of the way ATLAS.ti manages data, it allows for larger projects than other products: ATLAS.ti handles projects containing thousands of documents and/or tens of thousands of coded data segments.

4. In-depth exploration of matter

Learn more about your material. Code systematically and develop a meaning system to unlock your specific research topic. Use web editors, text search tools, word clouds, word frequency tables, and various query options to explore your data. These tools will help you discover the complex hidden “textures” of the data and their intertwined meaning.

5. Teamwork

ATLAS.ti supports collaborative work in several efficient ways. Special tools and some general principles of the software make collaboration a breeze.

6. Long-term data lifetime

To support multi-method multi-user projects (longitudinal research) across space and time, project data can be exported using XML. Using XML can alleviate the proprietary nature of most software systems. This is indeed a mandatory requirement in the scientific environment. ATLAS.ti’s proprietary XML schema influenced the development of the QuDEX language for archiving qualitative data.

Mac cracked apps

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