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App Tamer

App Tamer 2.6

App Tamer mac cracked apps – is a Mac A tool that extends battery life. By reducing or stopping the CPU occupied by applications that are no longer in use, it can greatly save system resources and improve battery life. You can set the CPU usage of specific applications through flexible configuration, such as Photoshop, and it will not affect the normal use, is a very practical tool, netizens who often feel that the battery life is not enough must try this software!

App Tamer Function introduction:

App Tamer can control your processor exclusive applications and prevent them from taking up too much CPU time and battery life. With a unique automatic stop feature, App Tamer will stop each application when you leave it-when you return to that application, it will automatically restart!

App Tamer is built around an attractive and clear user interface. It is designed to manage all running applications with minimal disruption or frustration. With a useful display, you can monitor the average percentage of processors used by each application, or access graphics history or CPU usage. You can easily enable automatic stop for any application, or limit it to a certain range of CPU time.

Do n’t waste time managing CPU usage on the basis of an application-use the application Tamer to liberate your Mac!

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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