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Antivirus One

Antivirus One 3.4.4

Antivirus One mac cracked apps – Antivirus One is a trend security on MacOS Master, you can quickly scan your Mac computer for malware, help you block annoying browser pop-ups and advertisements, remove any malware you find, and effectively protect your Mac computer.

Antivirus One features:

1, real-time detection

Mobile real-time malware detector. Protect your Mac from all threats 24/7.

2. Virus scanning program

Quick scan, deep scan, or custom scan location to completely protect the entire disk.

3. Virus cleaner (requires in-app purchase)

Automatically remove all viruses to protect your system and privacy.

4. Ad program remover

Eliminate hijacking of pop-up windows, advertising programs and browsers, allowing you to surf the Internet freely.

5. Privacy clearer

Customize your online transparency. Stealth on the Internet without leaving a trace in the browser.

6. Safe search

Mark the security level of each Google search result.

7. Network security protection

Prevent users from browsing phishing websites.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Antivirus One

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