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Antihero 1

Antihero 1.24.24020

Antihero mac cracked apps – Welcome to the streets of Victorian London. It is here that your path to the leading guild of thieves will begin. Become the most skilled and feared criminal in the world.


The main highlight and feature of the game is the ability to become a real anti-hero, achieving his goals by any means. During your journey to the criminal crown, you will use juvenile delinquency, hire bandits, organize raspberry thieves, give bribes, blackmail and even organize assassination attempts.

The micromanagement and economy in the game allows you to spend the loot and acquire weapons, hire scumbags or improve your thief skills. Unfortunately, in-game mechanics do not have a lot of tactics, so sooner or later you will learn all possible combinations and be able to predict further events.

mac cracked apps

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