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AltTab 6.40.0

AltTab mac cracked apps – is a quick window switching tool for mac users. It brings the alt-tab window switching function of Windows to macOS, allowing you to switch windows better and improve your work efficiency. Very easy to use!

AltTab Software usage:

  1. Press ⌥ option + ⇥ tab to display thumbnails.
  2. Hold down ⌥ option and ⇥ tab to select the next thumbnail.
  3. Hold down ⌥ option and press ⇧ shift + ⇥ tab to select the previous thumbnail.
  4. Release the ⌥ option to switch the focus to the window.
  5. Extra:


  • Switch focus to any window
  • Minimize, close, fullscreen any window
  • Hide, quit any app
  • Customize AltTab appearance (e.g. show app badges, Space numbers, increase icon, thumbnail, title size, etc)
  • Custom trigger shortcuts with almost any key
  • Blacklist apps you don’t want to list or trigger AltTab from
  • Dark Mode
  • Drag-and-drop things on top of window thumbnails
  • Right-to-left languages and UI
  • Accessibility: VoiceOver, sticky keys, reduced transparency, etc

You hover your mouse and click ️ mouse.

You use ⇦ left arrow and cycle ⇨ right arrow.

You can use Cancel ⎋ escape.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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