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All Windows Appear 1.2.5

All Windows Appear mac cracked apps – is a simple window display program, which can help you organize messy software or file windows, keep the computer interface clean and improve your work effect. It also supports dark mode, with important window interface priority display function.

All Windows Appear function:

  1. Classic Mac OS window behavior
  2. Lightweight menu bar application
  3. Dark light mode
  4. Automatically start at startup
  5. Mac cracked apps

If “All Windows Appear” is enabled, focusing a window will bring all related windows of that app also to the front — like in the legacy versions of macOS.


  • Classic Mac OS window behavior
  • Lightweight menu bar app
  • Dark and light mode
  • Autostart on launch

What’s New:

  • I’ve made a number of improvements so the app is even better for you. Have anything else you’d like to suggest? I’d love to hear from you

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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