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Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro 14.0.1

Alarm Clock Pro mac cracked apps – This is a very powerful alarm clock tool on the Internet. Its functions are definitely not just simple ordinary alarm reminders. The power of this software is that it supports various alarm clock “actions”, such as playing music, sending Email, sending SMS, screenshots, shutting down Wait, it can be said to be a timed task tool more accurately.

Alarm Clock Pro Function introduction:

Alarm Clock Pro is an alarm clock and time management tool. There are many softwares that claim to have alarm clock and time management functions, but none of them can match the useful functions and flexibility provided by There are handy guides throughout the process of formulating the type of alarm you want and the events triggered by the alarm. The alarm modes it can choose are: audio files, movies, internet radio stations, itunes playlists and even cd audio tracks.

Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro is not an ordinary alarm clock. Use it to wake up your morning, send and compose emails, remind you of your appointments, randomly select iTunes choices, control an Internet radio station, and even time your baking!

Wake up the tranquility of your music choices. Let those silly retro beeps and bedside alarm clocks or cell phones buzz. Use an alarm clock when you wake up, remind yourself to take your medication, or keep social appointments. At work, schedule appointments with clients, set interrupt reminders, run office broadcasts, set project timers, or carefully monitor employees’ workspaces.


iTunes enhanced-directly connect to iTunes to play a specific playlist or the entire library! Shuffle the cards or play songs in order.

On-screen notifications-display passive on-screen notifications as a great reminder!

Built-in mute-choose from many professionally designed custom ringtones, or import a selection!

Stopwatch and timer-kitchen timer and unlimited number of stopwatches.

Internet radio station preparation-streaming music life from a favorite Internet radio station to choose the freshest music every day!

Wake up from sleep-never leave your computer! Automatically wake up your Mac from sleep, or turn it on when needed.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Alarm Clock Pro

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