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Aerial 1.7.0

Aerial mac cracked app – is an open source project hosted by JohnCoates on GitHub. As the name says, the screensaver video is taken from the dedicated screensaver of Apple TV in the Apple retail store—all aerial videos produced by Apple. Every aerial shot inside is a rare and exquisite work! With the impeccable Retina screen of the Mac and using, I always have the illusion of “Look, this is what I laid down for myself”.

The installation of the screensaver is very simple. You only need to download, unzip and double-click to install. The file contains only the description file of the screensaver and does not contain video resources. It will be automatically downloaded during preview and playback.Before using it for the first time, I suggest you do some basic configuration of the screen saver.

Aerial Features:

Open System Preferences->Desktop and Screensaver->Screensaver, select screensaver and click on the screen saver option:Here, you can check and preview your favorite movies, photography spanning China, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, Dubai and other places in the day and night beautiful scenery. Because each photography is very large (200~400MB), it is not recommended that you select all 30. It is recommended to select your favorite scenes through the preview.The movie will be cached in ~/Library/Caches/Aerial directory, you can browse or delete the corresponding movie in this directory.In addition, it is worth mentioning that will automatically download videos from Apple’s official resources during playback, so your screensaver will be updated in real time with the official website.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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