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A New Beginning Final Cut

A New Beginning Final Cut

A New Beginning Final Cut mac cracked app – is a 2D animation style adventure game. It tells that the global climate environment is on the verge of collapse. Players play as scientists to explore new alternative energy sources, and there will be a lady from the future who will travel to the present to help you prevent disasters. – A New Beginning Final Cut

A New Beginning Final Cut content:

The story tells that in the distant future, the earth’s climate is completely destroyed by humans, and the entire planet is almost uninhabitable. Destruction is irreversible, and the only way to save mankind is to go back in time. Therefore, mankind sent a team of time pilots back to 2050 to try to prevent climate change. Unfortunately, scientists have made a mistake in their judgment, and the destruction of the climate in 2050 has been irreparable. Time pilot Fay, a somewhat idealistic young team member, managed to make a second time jump, accompanied by her colleague Salvador. And this time they will reach our time, which will be the main scene in “A New Beginning”.

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