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3DWeather 3.6

3DWeather mac cracked app – 3DWeather is an amazing style Weather information display application. It allows you to keep a 3D animated widget on the desktop to generate a landscape painting of the current weather conditions. People can also hide widgets and access applications from the Menubar.


3DWeather is an impressive weather app for your macOS and unlike any other weather app available, 3DWeather brings you weather information in an amazing 3D style, so that what matters most to you, all the important weather updates are delivered to you through widget which sits looking attractive on your desktop displaying the weather of a place . It lets you keep a 3D animating widget on the desktop that generates scenic representation of the current weather condition of the place you set.

Weather3D never gets monotonous and will never look old to you, because, as weather condition changes so does the app, representing the accurate information of the weather of that time. Weather3D comes packed with themes featuring different scenes, places and atmosphere.
It has several themes to select from, containing different natural elements and atmosphere.
We’ve been constantly updating Weather3D with new themes and features to make it an ideal weather app for you.

Weather3D lets you customise it to such extent that it will become your very own personal weather assistant.

Weather3D fetches weather stats from Weather Underground which is the most accurate and detailed weather forecast provider available world wide till date.

Weather Informations

  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • UV index
  • Wind chill
  • Heat index
  • Visibility
  • WNW
  • Precipitation in percentage
  • Precipitation in mm
  • Sunset and Sunrise timing with last update time
  • Hourly weather forecast for the next 24 hours
  • Daily weather forecast for the next 4 days

You will get timely weather alert directly sent to the Notification Centre about recent updates and developments on weather throughout the day.

Function introduction:


Dew point

UV index

Wind cold

Heat Index



Percent precipitation

Precipitation in millimeters

Sunset and sunrise time of the last update time

Hourly weather forecast for the next 36 hours

Daily weather forecast for the next 4 days

Notification Center:

You will get timely weather alerts and send notifications about the latest updates and weather developments directly to the notification center.

APP highlights:

Save up to 10 locations in the application.

Open the application when you log in.

Browse the weather forecast from the menu bar.

Use the weather icon on the dock under temperature conditions.

Floating widgets on anything on the desktop.

Adjust the transparency of the widget.

Choose from four different widget sizes.

Use sound to get weather alerts in the notification center.

Get the feed from other weather information providers and use it in the app.

Change the weather icons of the 2 different icon sets available in the app.

Check the weather information and forecast in the “Window Style”, and then view it in full screen from this window.

Free future updates and guaranteed new themes.

So, download 3DWeather today and adopt new methods of displaying weather forecasts, which are both rich and enjoyable.

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