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3DVista Virtual Tour Suite

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 2018.0.19

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite mac cracked apps – 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite is a powerful 360 degree virtual tour software produced by 3DVista. 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite is currently the most professional virtual tour software and supports the creation of amazing interactive virtual tours that can be included in any website. – 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite – A set of pictures can be converted into a 360 ° landscape, allowing the audience to manipulate it locally as if they were actually on the scene. For example, Live Panorama, Adaptive HDR, Hotspot, Autopilot, Video, Photo Album, Floor Plan, Immersive Audio, etc., you can get started quickly without coding or technical knowledge.

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite features:

1, a powerful hot spot

Hot spots are the essence of virtual tourism. They allow your audience to click on objects and discover information and details in the scene. Choose from our large icon library and import your own images or highlight objects in the panorama as clickable hotspots.

There are many operations you can assign to hotspots: open pop-up detailed image, 3D model, open purchase window, multi-faceted information window, website, download files or play audio, video (360? Video and normal video)).

2. Animation panorama

Imagine that you can click on someone in the panorama and let them start moving and talking. This is the animated panorama. Compared with panoramic 360? Video is lighter in weight but more active than panoramic photos, animated panoramas are the ultimate way to inform viewers. Contrary to the pop-up information window, the element itself, whether it is a person or-such as a production line, starts to move within the panorama when it is clicked, explained or demonstrated from within.

Or you can simply place a fireplace or let the pan on the oven start steaming to create an atmosphere. Add some small things to discover them on your trip.

3. Live panorama

Capture the true spirit of a place. Real-time panoramas combine several panoramas of the same location taken at different times to create a 360 ° interactive program. The result is breathtaking: when you look around, you will see the landscape change and develop slowly. Live Panorama’s dynamics convey a little extra emotion. Show the house under different lighting conditions, change its atmosphere during sunset or go from empty to crowded restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

4. 3D transition effect

The 3D animation transition between “Stop” will give you the impression of natural motion that you might learn from 3D models and scans. This technique does not jump from one place to another, but it makes you feel as if you are actually moving towards the next position. All from pure photography.

5. Support 3D cad panorama

Use your V-Ray, 3DS Max, Sketchup, etc.-create cad and render panoramas, create amazing 360? virtual tours for projects in the pipeline. You can even convert these travel 360? And stereo, which will display the depth and size, into a more impressive and realistic experience on the VR headset. Very suitable for architects and designers.

mac cracked apps

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3DVista Virtual Tour Suite

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