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Rings of Saturn

Δv: Rings of Saturn 0.416.9 (51366)

Δv: Rings of Saturn mac cracked apps – is a 2D spaceship that takes you to the distant future of 2273. Humanity began to extract important resources on the rings of Saturn. This event became known as the New Age Gold Rush. You control a ship that is engaged in mining in the open space. Your main goal was only one – to get rich. However, in the process of passing, you will learn many secrets that will forever change the idea of ​​u200bu200blife.

Δv: Rings of Saturn

The gameplay of Delta V: Rings of Saturn is a top-down action game in a sci-fi setting. The developers have tried to back up every aspect of the gameplay with scientific facts and evidence. Shuttles move through space the way they really should. Each ship consists of dozens of parts that can be upgraded, upgraded and customized. Every aspect of the spaceship has a big impact on the gameplay.

You can make instant jumps in space, but this will require a lot of fuel. Survive in harsh conditions and try to overcome all the obstacles that open space throws at you. Try to unravel the mystery of the Ring. Lead your excavation company and get rich. All strategic important decisions are made at the Enceladus Prime station. Get resources, sell raw materials, hire crew and employees. An interesting and eventful adventure awaits you ahead.

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